Larry Kolker

“Sung with great soul, Larry Kolker offers a refreshing addition to the great singer-songwriter tradition with the powerful ‘Dog Year’. With a great ear for melody the arrangements feel positively energetic… The stylistic gamut runs from a western twang to elements of indie rock, folk with even a hint of reggae coming into the mix. A sense of humor and playfulness ties the entirety of the album together… [He also] incorporates a little bit of funk and jazz fusion…  ‘Dog Year’ shows off Larry Kolker’s undeniable chops, creating a sound that feels timeless and infinitely tasteful.” –Skope Magazine

"Dog Year" -  songs about love, loss, longing, and other

small challenges:

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Thanks to all who attended our record release show! The band and I loved playing Dog Year for you - may the coming year be peaceful and sweet.  Below is a video from the show. 

songs of love, loss, longing and other small challenges

 Larry's 2012 CD "Awful Smart Man" is available on cdbaby or bandcamp -- also on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify etc.